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Sacred Mother Pregnancy and Childbirth Intensive with Lin; A deep dive into the care options of pregnancy and birth, with the addition of meditations.

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Sacred Mother Childbirth Education Course. 
Take a journey with Linda Masaoka, an ex hospital midwife turned sovereign birth consultant. This intensive travels deeply into the realm of pregnancy and childbirth with an appreciation of spirit yet comprehensive examination of mainstream medical options. Dive deep and inform yourself of all available offerings. We discuss cares delivered in the mainstream medical model and within the sovereign or freebirth models. The sacred birth approach is easier to plan and navigate when you know exactly what you want and what you don't want. You are the Sacred Mother. Register now and complete the course at your own pace. This is the online pregnancy education you have been waiting for.


This is the journey for the Sacred Mother, a pregnancy and childbirth education intensive with Lin. Linda is an authentic soveriegn birth support worker with qualifications in Midwifery, Hawaiian Massage and Kundalini Yoga. This course was designed as an online version of the content she discusses with her clients to inform them of their options. (Disclaimer; This is not a replacement for medical advice, diagnoses or treatment, as Linda Masaoka is not a medical professional). In today's world it is easy to get lost in the world of information, choices and risk assessments, that are prevalent in the industrialised mainstream medical maternity model. This leaves some women feeling overwhelmed and powerless, despite pregnancy already being a vulnerable time in their lives. The assumption that an external authority is safer than intuitive wisdom is made attractive and seems socially responsible. Some women feel lost with the options offered to them and choose pathways unwillingly as a result of coercion, in the name of safety. Resulting in many women feeling unsatisfied, while others are suffering from residual birth traumas. Those women who are traumatised from past birth experiences often choose not to return to the medical model and instead choose soveriegn births with subsequent children. This can be dangerous if a true emergency arises. As it is important that birth is not a medical event, however sometimes things happen that a transfer for medical treatment is necessary. This course details the options served within "The System' while supporting a spiritual and soveriegn approach. The aim of this course it to help women feel more informed, more prepared and capable to walk the path of motherhood with the intuitive authority and knowing of their options. Empowering them to choose what they really want as they relearn that they are the main decision makers in their life, during pregancy, childbirth and motherhood. This course also includes meditations.

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