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Birth work 

Offering down to earth home birth services to women on the Mid North Coast,

from Grafton to Kempsey.

I am an ex - hospital midwife with a passion for undisturbed home birth.

I love supporting women to birth in their preferred environments.

My magic method is to trust, observe and nurture the physiological, hormonal and spiritual processes that occur, while still being able to detect, attend and prepare for emergency transfer if need be.

Your pregnancy, birthing and postnatal experience is yours to embrace and embody in your own unique way.​ My role as your birth worker is to serve, support and collaborate with you, while holding space for you to connect to your intuition and Great Spirit.

I like to approach birth with deep respect and reverence and an easy attitude, without force or rush.

Less drama more mana.

I am passionate about preserving and normalising the sacredness of birth.

I promote an intimate, deeply spiritual, undisturbed experience of birth and motherhood. 

I encourage the mother to surrender to the transforming experience of labour and birth and remind her she is capable, safe, wild and free.​

Spirit & Birth

Get in touch for a face to face meeting to see if I am the right fit for you 


First time mothers $4850

Mothers who have birthed before $4250

Includes monthly visits until 37 weeks, then weekly visits until labour and birth

and 5x Postnatal visits until 6 weeks 

If you would like to pamper your pregnancy with regular one hour Lomi Lomi sessions to support relaxation and improved mental and physical health choose from the following additions;

Weekly massages from 14 weeks gestation until 2 weeks postnatal $2500

Bi-weekly massages from 14 weeks gestation until birth $1250

Monthly massages from 14 weeks gestation until birth $750


Home birth is not for everyone. If I feel your situation is not suitable for home birth due to risk factors or my skill set I will refer you to an alternative care provider.

In addition to being an autonomous birth worker I collaborate with another local experienced birth worker for professional opinion to support my plan to support your birth (with respect to confidentiality of course).

Book in early as I commit to two guess dates per month

Click connect to discuss further

Thank you 

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