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Authentic Birth Work

My name is Linda and I am honoured to be an authentic birth worker, offering down to earth homebirth services on the Mid North Coast, N.S.W Australia.

I love supporting women in their experience of birth and transition into motherhood.

Unlike other birth workers I work outside of the mainstream industrial birthing system. I have experience as a hospital midwife and decided that the hospital culture and environment is great for an emergency but does not support physiological birth.

I see birth as a normal, natural, biological event.

A spiritual right of passage that unfolds perfectly when undisturbed.

It exposes the intuition, a wise nurturing power of the woman, leaving her profoundly connected and blissfully bonded with her baby.

Your pregnancy, birthing and postnatal experience is yours to embrace and embody in your own unique way.​ My role as your birth worker is to serve and support you, and direct you back to your own inner knowing and intuitive authority.

My experience as a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and massage therapist has taught me that I am not the authority, the superior participant or the leader of the experience. I am a mere vessel for divine spirit, the all knowing, great maternal oneness, ancient wisdom, universal consciousness and energetic awareness where our ancestors dwell.

I observe, praise and witness the miracle that is your pregnancy, your experience, your magnificent self and powerful body grow and unfold in birth and in mothering love.

What an honour it is for me to witness your becoming, as a sister and friend.

During your pregnancy we will meet monthly to have a yarn/talk story, discuss how you feel and interpret any messages received from your body and baby. We will discuss radical responsibility and different scenarios that may unfold in your birth and plan accordingly, with trust that birth works. We will plan for your postnatal period, ensuring you are prepared to feel nurtured, nourished and supported

I do not carry or prescribe pharmacological remedies or give medical advice. 

Pregnancy and birth and early motherhood is not a medical event.

​​I am passionate about preserving and normalising the sacredness of birth.

​I promote an intimate, deeply spiritual, undisturbed experience.


First time mothers $4850

Mothers who have birthed before $4250

Includes monthly visits until 37 weeks, then weekly visits until labour and birth

and 5x postnatal visits until 6 weeks postpartum.

For those that live more than 45 minutes drive away from Coffs Harbour pay an additional $500

Birth attendance + 1 prenatal visit + 1 postnatal visit $3400

Postnatal support x 3 visits $880

Prenatal and postnatal support $125 per hour 


Book in early as I commit to two guess dates per month


Thank you

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