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About Linda

I am a Coffs Harbour local with an island girl spirit.

First and foremost I am a mother of two beautiful daughters.

I love spending time at the beach or tending to my bees in the garden.

I enjoy empowering women especially during their rites of passage into motherhood. I learnt Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage in 2006. It led me to Hawaii where I was introduced to the magical world of birth. I worked as a homebirth assistant and doula and loved supporting women transition into motherhood. I went on to study midwifery and graduated in 2019.  I worked part-time as a registered midwife at the local hospital for a few years and felt unfulfilled and overwhelmed, I missed woman-centred care.

I observe birth as a sacred event a woman is given to experience and connect to her capable spirit and her mother nature. Her limits are stretched as she embraces her wild, instinctual side, surrendering to the process, yet fierce and in charge. Channelling the strength of those that birthed before her, allowing herself to be transformed.

I love empowering women and advocating for their choices.


As a massage therapist & birth attendant I offer my time infused with my experience and knowledge to enhance and enrich your experience.

Birth is sacred, lets keep it that way.

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2023: The Compass: Foundations of Radical Birth Keeping; Free Birth Society


2019: Bachelor of Midwifery; Southern Cross University, Australia.

2013: Kundalini Yoga Teacher training; International College of Kundalini Yoga.

2008: Birth Doula Certification; Barefoot Doctors Academy, Big Island Hawaii.

2006 - 2008: Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner;

Kahunas include Dawn Charlton  (Australia), Papa K (Hawaii), Harry Uhane Jim (Hawaii) & Aunty Maile (Hawaii).

Ex-hospital midwife Linda Masaoka

Treat yourself well

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